We love the playful feeling of the Japanese ‘Izakayan’. It's really just a Japanese word for beer hall, but it's from Osaka's bar streets that we have taken inspiration and created our own interpretation of the experience. Here the focus is on a social, welcoming and family- like-feeling.
At our high, split tables that invite to spontaneous conversations, you may meet your new best friend.
Order several different hot and cold dishes, and enjoy lots of flavors during one meal. Here, everything we do is permeated by pure raw ingredients and a strong and consistent sense of sustainability.

In addition, you’ll have a live drinks list where all drinks are selected to complement the flavors of the menu. And if there's a place to drink sake, it's definitely here.

Opening times

  1. Mon - Fri
  2. Sat
  3. Sun Closed


  1. Mon - Thu
  2. Fri
  3. Sat

Bar & Terrace

  1. Mon - Thu
  2. Fri
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